Monday, April 2, 2012

forgive me

forgive me
limitations of my
I could not stop
soul desire
and my whole
to explore the secrets

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

should not

Do not complain about your life
One person who heard the complaint, will be a stone that will hinder your step
The more people know, will tear down the fortress, and you will fall flake like sand


when sprayed into the world of my life
I cried
because I live
I breathe breath of life

who knocked over a whisper

who knocked over a whisper
I did not hear the echoes of the moon
I was unloading my chest wall width
were wild door gaping soul
my heartbeat pounding chase
rattle my body

a cup of coffee

let's first coffee ....
than being insane ....

a piece of soul

a piece of soul servants heart
small steps when the universe hit the wall
He sat for a moment and then stripped the cloud
trying to understand the cross-wind slapping
and electroplating


naked! was the naked eye, oh heart
when the night - any day
naked! was the naked eye, oh soul
do not touch

ever alive

every taste is night and day
heaven and earth: the dry and rainy
extends the space within the universe of time
and I are on it
it is impossible to be run

sleep and dreams

in my sleep I'm dreaming
and in my dreams
I'm asleep
and in my sleep
I had a dream

I want to

I want wielding star
- But dark gripped
I want to be angry
- But the early morning mist cut my throat
I want to write a baby poem
- But my life stuck-slaughter